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What to Expect at a
Bed & Breadfast            

 I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast…just how does it work?  What can I expect?

Those are some big questions for first-time bed and breakfast goers.  Most have never stayed at a bed and breakfast.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I think many of you out there are in the same B&B-less boat and are almost afraid of B&Bs. Most things off the beaten path and different can be pretty scary.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about staying at a Bed and Breakfast.

  1. Are all B&Bs like my Grandma’s house?
    Bed and breakfasts have changed dramatically in the past few years.  They are not just remodeled Victorian homes, although there are still a lot of them out there.  In most B&B establishments, it is not at all like staying in Grandma’s floral-print guest room.  Many have been built just to be Bed and Breakfasts, and some like mine are homesteads that have been refurbished and updated to be a Bed & Breakfast. They are designed specifically to cater to discriminating modern travelers and offer unique luxurious accommodations . And in my Lodge catering to the out door enthusiast who desire peace and quite within a secluded woods.

  2. What’s for breakfast?
    Yes, you do get breakfast.  That is part of the name!  Most B&B owners pride themselves on their amazing breakfasts.  It is not just a waffle bar like the local traditional hotels and motels, but delicious and beautifully-presented multi-course breakfasts.  Courtesy tip: If you want to sleep in and not have breakfast, it is good etiquette to let your innkeeper know the night before because, otherwise, they will be busting their buns to create a delicious and exciting breakfast you don’t even intend to enjoy.

  3. Do I have to eat breakfast with everyone else?
    Now that varies greatly.  There are basically two types of B&B guests–the ones who go to a bed and breakfast to meet everyone and the other ones who just want to be left alone.  As an innkeeper, it is always challenging to read the signals and make sure you respond to the guests accordingly.  Some B&Bs have group dining.  There you will find yourself making fast friends with someone in the group.  Other B&Bs will offer you your own private table for breakfast. I offer both, the best of both worlds. I have many options to choose, group dinning, private tables both inside and outdoor seating on the porches, or take a tray back to your room or cabin. You can decide per your mood on any given morning of your stay. 

  4. Will I have to share a bathroom?
    That will depend on the B&B. Here it will depend on your chosen booking. In the two rooms I rent out in the main Lodging, you will share a bathroom with possibly one to two other guest. If you rent the cabin the bathroom is yours to share with your party only. If you rent the Glamping site you will have your own facilities as well.  You can plan on some lovely soaps, as I make hand crafted soaps for all to use and fresh linens. I also make myself available to clean the showers and bathrooms upon your request after each use. 

  5. What does one do at a B&B?
    Most have common areas, free Wi-Fi, books and games, gardens and lots of brochures or guides to local attractions.  Most also have TVs and DVD players and a library of movies, or even a theater room. Some may have beautiful yards, gardens, and even trails you can enjoy for a nature walk. You can expect all of these wonderful things here.

  6. What if I’m on a restricted diet?
    Dietary concerns are what bed and breakfasts do best.  If you can’t eat gluten, are vegan, or are allergic to dairy, the B&B chef has your number and is your best friend.  You won’t even remember you have a restricted diet because it will taste so good.  In fact, it might just be that all the guests are having the same entrees and didn’t even know that they are eating a menu with restricted items.  We B&B chefs know the tricks and we love to cater to guests because that is what we do best.  Try getting that kind of help at your tradiitonal chain hotel!

  7. Will I have to eat a scone on a doily?
    Perhaps.  But the scone will be so good you will forget all about the doily.  Actually, among innkeepers, there are die hard doily lovers and those who have banned them from the property.  You can ask before booking a room which side of the doily war they are on if you want to be sure. I do not have doilies here! I am more a chic luxury rustic kind of place. I cook using cast iron skillets and serve on the same. I cater to more of the outdoor enthusiast and simple living, with style. 

  8. What about dining?
    Many B&Bs offer snacks and cookies, pops and even wine and cheese tastings in the afternoons.  Few offer evening meals and even fewer have restaurants onsite.  Most of the inns who offer restaurant service do it as a service to their guests because of the location of the inn or because they wish to offer an overall experience including the dining. I offer Breakfast served at your desired time between 7-10am. I truly cater to you. I do try and have tasty treats in your rooms upon your arrival if it fits with your dietary concerns. 

  9. How do I find a good B&B?
    The best answer is to ask your friends about their experiences and who they would recommend.  Pictures can be photoshopped but guests who have stayed at the property can offer the best picture of the inn you are considering to visit. . A comment about reviews: Few, if any, B&Bs will please every guest who ever comes to stay with them, but you will pick up patterns that are obvious. A negative review will sometimes prompt a management response. The way management or owners respond to a negative review will tell you worlds about their management style. I have had all positive reviews thus far, and continue to make customer service my number one priority. 

  10. Expect the unexpected.
    Special touches from warm and friendly owners who love what they do and the guests they serve.  The character of the inn is a large reflection of the owner’s personality.  Nowhere else will you get the pampering that is available at B&Bs.  Everything from luxurious ironed sheets on the bed to a personal note in the room on your arrival.  That is what innkeepers do best and love doing.  Once you try a B&B, you will be hooked for life.  It is truly a better way to stay, and it is my 
    intention to be Your Home Away From Home. 

Interested yet? We thought so! explore my unique accommodations and start planning your trip to experience a bed and breakfast for yourself!