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With a New Season coming around you will see this new beautiful Glamping Site. Getting it up and rentable mid season of last year it quickly became the most sought out lodging site at Deer Ridge. It seems many people are seeking out different and unique experiences for their get aways. . . With these Yurts sitting in the woods surrounded by wild life, makes it a perfect spot to unwind and unplug from the concerns of the world and ones day to day grind with busyness.

Some still do not know what Glamping is, yet it has been around for years. The term was coined by using the two words Glamorous and Camping . . . . GLAMPING. It all about Camping without the work involved or time it takes to set up your camping site nor the dreaded taking down of the site...ESPECIALLY if it has been raining on your parade!

WE DO IT FOR YOU . . . . just drive up and you are all set up to kick back and enjoy nature. All you need to bring are your personal items as you would to any hotel or Lodge. All your basic needs are here waiting for your enjoyment.... everything from Memory Foam Mattress, bedding, towels to use at the outdoor shower stall when the weather is permitting . . . cook ware, dinner ware, flat ware . . . Heater if needed inside the tents. A cooler for your drinks and food. Lanterns and lights. Fire pit on the deck and a BBQ Grill. ITS ALL HERE DONE FOR YOU.

Deer Ridge Crossing Glamp Site

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