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Winter Delights in Flight


I've always enjoyed listening to and watching the multiple types of birds that we are blessed with in the world.

This year I decided to take it to a different level with my New Years Resolution by starting up new hobbies giving myself reasons to take time off from work (which is endless as an Inn Keeper), reconnecting with the reasons I moved back to this place after 30 plus years. One of those hobbies being Bird Watching with intention. . . . with new binoculars in hand and a desire to learn what bird song matches which bird . . .I am off and flying.

This little guy started my desire to get up close and personal with the birds. I saved his life last summer after a hard fall he took that knocked him out cold. I thought he was dead at first, but I was hopeful and patient staying by his side to protect him.... I think this picture shows him thanking me . . as I took this right before he took off flying again.

This winter I have been blessed with the time and opportunity to witness other types of Woodpeckers, I didn't know existed here. All because of Winter in the Ozarks . . . it grants us (me) a slower time of year and visual opportunities to see deeper into the forests trees down into the valleys.

These cute beauties stand out in all their glory as they forage their food and play as they do so . . . it is a reminder for us all . . . . . Have fun and play everyday as we labor to get food in our bellies. . . .and don't let life's falls and set backs keep us down. We always have wings (blessings) to set us flying again.

Deer Cross the Ridge, while the Birds fly above and beyond the ridges.

This winter I have spotted and watched many of four out the seven shown in this diagram.

So if you think there is nothing to do here in the winter months . . . think again . . . relax, unwind, reflect, witness what nature teaches us and soar above and beyond the ridges.

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